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Ten Triangles
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Simple, useful and nice barometer

A simple barometer for monitoring atmospheric pressure. The goal of μBarometer is to be useful, small and elegant.

The pressure graph shows the change in pressure in 48 hours. To collect data μBarometer runs a small service which saves the pressure value every hour.

The altitude value are based on the current pressure value. For quick switching between pressure/altitude indicators just tap on the indicator icon. You can measure the relative altitude. Just tap on the altitude indicator and it will show the relative altitude from the current point.

μBarometer is reviewed in Appliv!


Filler classic

A logical game for two players. You goal is to fill as many cells as you can.

Filler (aka Flood-It or 7 Colors) is a well-known puzzle game. You play against a human or computer opponent on a field with color squares. Your goal is to occupy as many squares as possible. Elements of the selected color are occupied if they are adjacent (have common edge) to the already occupied squares. But you cannot select the current color of your opponent.

Filler Classic has two game modes:

Ten Triangles

A Logical puzzle game that looks like "Fifteen"

The goal of this game is to set ten triangles in the correct order. But it's not so easy, as you can move triangles by rotating a group of six of them. This version contains 20 built-in puzzles. Also you can try to solve randomly generated puzzles.

This game is for those who likes such puzzles as "Fifteen" but searching something a little bit different.


Puluc is a running-fight board game originating in Mesoamerica.

Puluc (also Bul, Buul or Boolik) is an ancient Mayan running-fight board game. Initially the game had ritual significance. Mayan played Puluc the night before the sowing of maize. The game was designed to give strength to revive grains. This game is a little bit like such games as Backgammon.


  1. The overall objective is to capture and subsequently kill the playing pieces of the opposition. The playing area is divided up into equal spaces using rods, placed parallel to each other. The two players have control of a base at either end of the play area. The players take 5 chips and place them in their respective bases.
  2. Taking it in turns, players roll the grains and move any of their chips the corresponding number of spaces toward the enemy base.
  3. When a chip lands on the same space as an enemy chip, the enemy chip is captured and is no longer controlled by the enemy player.
  4. If a chip lands on an enemy chip which already has prisoners, it captures that chip and releases prisoners.
  5. Once a chip and its prisoners reach home, any enemy chips are removed from the game, or killed. Friendly chip is returned to the set of chips which can be played.
  6. Once a player has killed every enemy chip, they win.

With this app you can play with your friends on the same device or in the multiplayer mode via the Internet. Also you can play against Android (with three different AI).

Words Builder

The words' game is a combination of the elements of "Scrabble" and "Jewels".

The goal of the game is to build the maximum number of words from any adjoining letters, including diagonals over time. This game requires not only speed, but also tactics and the ability to calculate the combination of a few moves ahead.

Initially you have 3 minutes for the compilation of words. For each correctly word you get extra time. The longer the word, the more seconds you will get.

The game uses a dictionary words from SOWPODS.